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If you are running a business and want to grow, Hire me as your growth marketer. I am an unconventional growth hacker & digital strategist. I do things differently.


Hire Me – 100% Free. No Payment Needed. PAY only if you are satisfied. Email me – sarathy@sarathy.in

My Linkedin Profile –https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarathycs/

I am digital marketing professional with around 17+ Years of experiences in: Digital Strategy, SEO SEM, Affiliate marketing,  Domain name  acquisitions (Acquired  more than a half  million dollar worth of  domains in my past employment). I can handle your digital strategy, I can setup a remote IT office for you from India and can manage the IT team at a cost effective way. I can handle your SEO & PPC campaigns efficiently with greater returns and ROI.


In the Past 15 Years, I have helped launch:

  • A New content marketing strategy that became a new business model for my Ex-Company (Means millions of Traffic).
  • Launched an entire Landing page management system that was able to handle millions of traffic.
  • Handled google adwords budget of upto 2 million dollars
  • Launched an affiliate program that brought thousands of traffic and paid conversions.

To hire Sarathy as your digital strategist & grow your business simply mail to sarathy@sarathy.in

Read about my unconventional marketing journey here:

Email me at: sarathy@sarathy.in

Phone: +91-9962089011


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