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Cooperative society for Cow Dungs will eradicate cancer in Farmers

Interestingly, we found all the insured were farmers and they had never taken any personal accidental policies in past,” said Aman Bedi, associate vice-president, Fraud & Investigation Unit, Bharti AXA. This wasn’t all.

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Why is it that farmers get cancer most of the time in india?

Is it due to their use of chemical pesticides? “”A study by Delhi non-profit Centre for Science and Environment in 2004 had found high residue of pesticides in the blood of certain farmers from Bathinda and Ropar districts””

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Though this is a case of fraud and also assisted by the farmers, We must analyse the family problems of these poor farmers. The government must encourage the use of Cow/buffalo/goat based fertilizers and natural pesticides. Just like cooperative societies created to source milk, cooperative societies must be created/encouraged to collect the cow/buffalo/goat urine & dung which can be used to create natural fertilizers.

This will not only protect the innocent farmers from dangerous diseases, it will also protect the entire Indians as a whole

Sharing memes of farmers is not a solution. It might  be a solution to those who runs the respective meme social media pages.


We have cooperative society for Milk.
The need of the hour is a Cooperative society for collecting urine, dungs from Cows/Goats/Buffalos. This will not just solve the pesticide problem, but also be a source for methane production. Instead of drilling unnecessary pipelines for drilling methane, this cooperative society can be formed



Most farmers die of cancer due to pesticide use than starvation. We have to innovate on alternatives to pesticides. A cooperative society to collect urine/shit from cows/pigs/goat/chicken farms just like societies collecting milk and then using them to get manure/bio fuel is what will eradicate the worries of the farmers.

Pesticides/genetically modified seeds make the soil into a corpse gradually which is also a reason farmers commits suicide due to the inability to repay loans and mounting debts, pressure.

So there is no irony in it, there is a inefficiency in systems. Ancient Indians used available resources to the maximum extent with little wastage (For example: cattle to plough, the urine and dung became manure making the soil fertile. The hard work kept them fit. Animals need to graze to be healthy which solved that problem. The cycle was perfect.

We broke the cycle in the name of technological advancements. This removed the dependency on animals and because of that they are forced to live in a small area for the rest of their life (Till their milk extraction period is over) and then sent to butchery. The cattles are of no use nowadays and are killed immediately when they are born.

A cooperative society to collect urine and dung from cattles, cows, pigs etc will also allow them to live till their end of life and will also help us in bio fuel/organic manure and help eradicate poverty/suicides due to poverty.

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