Can AI be used to predict members who will upgrade to a paid membership?

Prediction (Human) generally requires patterns. For finding out a patter, one needs past data and current trend shift. In general, people do not include current trends while trying to predict. I am sure they will make the same mistake while implementing an AI.

Current trend involves including the below:

Current market scenario.

Current User behavior.

The technology that is available to make things easier. (For example: Digital payments available in the current market scenario is huge as compared to 10 years ago.)

Latest competitors with new/updated technology. For example: Previously I was working with a matrimony company. At that time, dating sites were unheard of in India. But the launch of tinder and many others are nearly taking over the market including facebook based connections and marriages.

An AI Should include the current trends in its patterns and analysis. But can it really do it? Because humans behind implementing such technology wont be using these and they would not have heard about patterns at all.

An online purchase decision mostly depends on a final urge that happens The urge depends on the Urgency of his need. The urgency varies from people to people. For some, the urgency would have social factors.