A beautiful Instrumental.

  Original Song: Song: Aazhiyile Mukkulikkum Movie Dhaam Dhoom (2008) Music: Harris Jayaraj

1 month ago

PPC TIps – Phrase match Campaigns for “Google ADS” campaigns

Even if you are running a Phrase match campaign, Always try to research on using Audiences (Preferably "combined audience"). On…

3 months ago

Planning your Growth Strategy

A successful growth strategy depends on a successful customer marketing strategy. In one of my previous experience in a #matchmaking compnay…

7 months ago

Calling all SEOs, what are your opinions on: (A Linkedin Topic by Daniel Foley Carter of Assertive )

My opinions on this SEO Post  to this on the Linkedin Thread (Created by Daniel Foley Carter of Assertive )…

1 year ago

Can AI be used to predict members who will upgrade to a paid membership?

Can AI be used to predict members who will upgrade to a paid membership? Prediction (Human) generally requires patterns. For…

2 years ago

Warning – Do not invest in High priced IPO

If a company Fixes a huge IPO price where its Face value would be Rupees 5 per share, but their…

2 years ago

Free Strategy – for a Cloud Kitchen Startup!

If someone in my network is thinking of a food/cloud kitchen startup, Do not hire Popular chefs. They are already…

2 years ago

Loyalty, Ideas & Work

Thinking about giving an Idea to your company ? - Be careful & read this: Do not have loyalty towards…

2 years ago

Flipkart IPO – Is it a Walmart Push?

The real reason might need not be #flipkart looking to go for #IPO . It might be #walmart looking an…

2 years ago

Landing Page Optimization Tips – Adwords – Part 1

Landing page Optimization tips For Adwords: The ads that you use on Adwords, Use it on landing page also. Conversion…

2 years ago