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Being in the digital marketing field for 20 years, Never took a report once Never conducted a site audit even Once 🙂
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There are many experts who work consciously on analysing data. While I was in bharatmatrimony, I was successfully able to create Millions of pages for the company and its group of portals. When i joined the company, the pages were mostly the usual format -> Homepage, Login Page, Search page etc.,

But the Company is huge and had a huge reputation among Indians and also had a gold mine – User Generated Content.  I never analyzed any data, I simply created a Toolbar (Popular at that time and named it as “Matrimony Toolbar”), Created Millions of RSS feeds with a preview of the feed in HTML format, Opened the profile pages to public and thus resulted in a huge growth with Millions of pages!
Parallelly I was able to launch a Dyanmic Affiliate program and also a Landing page Management system that effectively managed millions of landing pages for Google ads . 

I never had the urge to look into reports. For example: In a real estate company that I was associated previously, I was handling the lead generation and was given an important task of selling units unsold for 9 plus years. I and my team was able to bring valid leads which helped the sales team to complete the sales in 1 year! just through Google ads and FB ads. All this in this Tough Pandemic and real estate being worst affected.

The real analysis starts when we start to analyse the customer and their journey.
Sometimes sale happens when you lose hope on a lead. It all depends on how you analyse the customer and their way of engagement with your business.

The Way you structure a campaign should be based on what the customer wants. If you are able to achieve this, then you are doing the same thing that any audits/reports will say.

I always relied on my instintcs and strategies and was never successful in analyzing and auditing..

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Again This might not work for some. For me it works well as I approach things in an unconvetional way

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