Do Good only to those who deserve!

I did good to whoever asked me. Infact I gave blindly a huge money (its a huge money even in rich nations) out of my way to a close relative. He simply refused to return the money and I am paying the interest now and all the debt is on me now. He even refused to take responsibility.

I still stress “do good to others”, but do not do good to others blindly.

¬†“Do good only to those who deserve to receive¬†good”

“do good not by getting money/help from others. Do it with your own cash”. Only then, even if cheated, you need not pay interest.

“Do good only with the excess you have”. In the end, the only people who rely on you are your family. If you fail them the whole world fails for you.

Do good to any one whom you feel will have gratitude.

Helping out of the way is stupid.

Helping out of the way to cheats in the name of “doing good” is even stupid. They will neither take responsibility. No amount of abuse will be helpful. In fact it will only spoil your own health and increase your BP.

In short,

Do good, Only to the deserving one.

Do good, only with the excess you have.

Do good only after making sure that your own family and children are taken care off and you still have excess.



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