Local seo tips for photographers

Do not use CDN for your original Images if you are a local small business:


If you are a small business owner, Do not get obsessed in trying to get a perfect google pagespeed score.

For local business, It is always better to host images on your own domain than a CDN domain. Even a Custom Hostname for CDN is not needed.

You can have better Image #SEO having your prime (Original) images on your own Domain.

This is particularly helpful for photographers and those who have original images. Just like you showcase your photos physicially, virtually your domain name should showcase your photos and not some unknown CDN’s like cloudflare.

Incase you are using images sourced from upsplash, shutterstock it is advisable to use Cloudflare , but do not use CDN for your original Images if you are a local business/small business.

For example:

For a photographer, Your Original Images must be on your domain name (mostly it will be their own name for a photographer). Your works are your baby and you wont showcase your baby on someone’s name.

Always have Exif data on your original images even after compression. It is immaterial if having this data helps in SEO or not or if it is even considered as one of the ranking factor or not, Having this is not going to hurt you. For Local business, this is a must. There are plugins like WP-Optimize That keeps your Exif data even when the image is compressed.

Mostly choosing the right hosting near your business location would sometimes be better for Local business/Local SEO.


Local seo tips for photographers

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