Erase Your Google Activity & protect Yourself

What will be the Image of us created by an AI Engine.
All search engines like Google, social media sites like Facebook, create a virtual Image of us.
  • They might even map us with a certain philosophy, religion, affiliations, our relations,
  • the products that we like
  • The products that we dislike
  • the products that we intend to buy (based on the wishlist that we have),
  • the references that we ask on social media,
  • the reviews that we read on a particular product,
  • the images that we view (in fullscreen) of a particular product,
  • the products that we mail to our friends,
  • the products mailed by our friends,
  • the browser bookmarks,
  • the videos that we view/like/dislike/comment/subscribe).
  • The information that we read/recommend/seek
What would be this virtual image of ours be?
Will it be a better person than us? or
Will it be a an evil person?
Will it be a theist or an atheist?
we can get an idea of our virtual image to a certain extent by ourselves by just visiting our “Activity dashboard” provided by google ->
Always delete your Google history and protect your privacy. It might help you incase your account is hacked and all your activity goes in the hands of some bad people.
Your privacy is Your Right

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