Future of Indian Kids is very Scary!

Future of Indian Kids is very Scary:

In India, many allow unrestricted access of mobile phones to their kids. These parents even flaunt about it as if its an achievement to their friends.

Even most #movies released in India are unfriendly to kids even if they have an “U” certificates. Most are filled with vulgar words, scenes, dance sequence which are unfit for #kids.

But the parents are happy taking them. They do not care of how it will affect the mindset. They are busy on going to their 9 to 5 Job, go home watch junk serials and shows that spoils young kids. Most are living away from their own parents

All the TV shows are getting more dangerous to kids than these stupid junk movies that are released. These shows even exploit kids to an extreme extent that they might even be psychologically affected. I hope the Government bans kids talk shows/dance shows/singing shows. Its extremely vulgar, bad.

A kid behaving like an adult is not a mature kid.

I hope a ban on kids from participating in junk idiotic dumb TV shows will save these innocent kids from being tortured by their parents and environment. Also it affects other kids because these dumb parents who are watching these shows also start comparing their kids with these kids participating in these dumb/idiotic/stupid shows.

Man parents dream their kids to be a scientist, doctor etc. Nobody dreams of them becoming a good human. These Indian parents , themselves are raised like a machine (Robot) whose only aim is to go to a 9 to 5 Job in an IT company after graduation, Marry, Enjoy life, Getting inspired by stupid movies, its heroes, watch cricket and then join their child in a school, force them into a tution. Their only aim now becomes their child entering an IT company.

The problem is the Thinking: For example – > see this initiative from ISRO https://www.linkedin.com/feed/news/isros-mega-moon-mission-4683684/

“””An Excellent initiative from the ISRO. I wont talk like the people who will find fault in anything the government does.

Many will divert this by comparing this with ,

  1. Many farmers are dying, why this?
  2. Many are jobless, Why this?
    These are all junk diversion tactics to oppose anything that the government and its organizations does.
    The Typical Indian parent mentality would be, Why government waste money on this, when farmers are hungry, The poor people are not fed etc. These typical parents will be the ones who will always want their child to enter into an IT company and earn a regular income.

These complainers will never have a dream of their own, Passion of their own. They will always find fault in others. But at the same time, think their child as a golden child who will again grow up like a typical Indian going behind movie stars, watching cricket, going to tution, maybe blindly creating/sharing/liking meme with no background verification wrongly influencing others and spreading misinformation etc.,

I also have some thoughts on Digital India. The Namo government stressed on digital India. I hope it also puts focus on digitizing our ancient articrafts, Ancient indian scriptures, ancient writings on ancient architectures. These writings are destroyed by people (Who can never grasp the value of ancient structures) by drilling holes for electricity cables , paintings etc. These guys anyways will never understand the value of ancient structures.
Especially in Tamil nadu where the hindu temples are under the control of government, many ancient structures are getting destroyed. I hope the government does something to digitize these huge content.
Digitization must be done on our ancient architectures and this scriptures must be taught in school to the kids. This is a must for our children to know our past.

A kid that knows his past, will plan for his future, carefully sculpting his present.

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