Giving up is easy, Getting up is what matters

Dont believe something that comes for free., Use it, Enjoy it, But dont depend on It.


Giving up is easy, Getting up is what matters

Socialism is the tool used by capitalists to move you into comfort zone, get addicted and then make you completely dependent on them. Once the #honeymoon period is over, they will stop the #freebie make you suffer from withdrawal syndrome.

Many #socialist nations fail because people get #free, believe that the things that they get for free is for eternity. Mostly once the government goes bankrupt, the huge natural resources will be taken over by the capitalists who fed them for these many years making the people lazy, incompetent and #outdated.

Be updated or Be capable to live on any #environments. Fight back with the same vigor you have during your#teenage / #youth period.

#Giving up is easy, #Getting up is what matters

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