Good touch, Bad touch, Moral touch

  1. Do not teach the children about success
  2. Teach the children about honesty
  3. Earning is important, But earning in an honest way is more important.
  4. Do not teach “Good touch” , “Bad touch” alone to children,
  5. Also teach them “Good money” , “Bad Money” to them.
  6. Do not make them aware of their body alone, Also make them aware of the natural surroundings.
  7. A famous hindu saint said, its not about knowing “what is what” , its all about knowing “what is not” . So teach the children “What is not good money”, “what is not bad living”.
  8. Earning money is important,Earning them the right and honest way is more important.
  9. Teach them loyalty than pride
  10. Teach them to give credits right when they are young. This will stop them become greedy and egoistic
  11. Teach them Moral science than left influenced history,
  12. Teach them Gratitude than being greedy
  13. Teach them the importance of losing more than the importance of winning
  14. Teach them about trust
  15. Tell them about the greatness of your own parents than telling about the greatness of some foreign invaders who enslaved us for 400 years.
  16. Teach them to learn rather teaching them to win
  17. Knowledge is important, Learning is more important.
  18. Earning is important, honest earning is more important.
  19. Living happily is important, Living with satisfaction is more important.
  20. To conclude Good Touch, Bad touch is important, Moral touch is more important

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