Hope – Part 2

Part 2 – Hope


Continuation from Part 1 hereĀ 

Nowadays children are hesitant to look after their own #parents and leave them in oldage or they live in a country faraway and the parents are forced to live in a senior home with a hope that they die peacefully.

Parents raise their child in the hope that the children may take good care of them. This is a sort of investment.

For an investment to mature properly, values must be sowed into the children right from their young age.

Do not depend on schools to teach values. Schools are already becoming preaching houses of false/madeup narratives everywhere around the world in the name of history.

#Moralsciences are no more taught in schools. Instead children are being taught useless rhymes like “Twinkle Twinkle little star”.

It is the duty of us – The parents to every child about values, respecting the elderly, planting trees, feeding animals and birds. Theys hould be taught to value the living creatures around them. They should be taught the value of life. Only then they will turn out to be a better investment and take care of their own parents in their oldage.




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