How An Virtual Image of yours is created by a Machine

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What Image of ours does a social media have?

A general human decides about another human based on his own opinion and the other person’s behavior if he interacts with him regularly.

The same human also sees a random unknown stranger as their leader and becomes their fan just by watching his movies and coming to a conclusion about him.

The same human also associates himself with a philosophy and then alligns himself to a party that has left/rightist view and then agrees blindly to all that is said by that said “leader”

If you see, humans take decisions on various attributes. Because the mind is powerful. All these attributes are again totally decided from the person’s individual identity. So there is a “selfish” string attached to whatever decisions made by a human.

A machine/algorithm/AI does not have this “Selfish” string attached. So how does it create an virtual identity of a person?

A machine identifies based on a persons behavior as below:

  • Social behavior
  • Individual behavior
  • Others behavior towards him (For example comments on his post, the likes that a post of “his” gets, his friends, his network etc)

Individual behavior implies all actions that is done by him without a social attachment. Examples include: searches, viewing sites, his likes, dislikes , (Comments come under social behavior), his bookmarks on browsers and all other behavior of his that are personal in nature, his purchases etc.

Based on the above behavior, a machine might able to create an identity. There is a saying “Tell me your friends, I will tell about you”. This saying is now outdated. Man’s best friend is now his mobile and his behavior online. A machine can now tell about what you plan based on the above behavior.

Machine lacks one thing. It can do all that a brain does. It even can predict which a brain cant do. Because prediction/analysis and interpretation is done by the mind. Machine can mimic a brain, but not the mind. It can do some amount of prediction based on the data that it has.


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