How do you dispute 100’s of fake/paid reviews for a single business?

It is not easy to dispute 100’s of fake reviews for a single business. The reason is that these reviews are coming from different IP addresses and it is hard to track the source. But, there are some strategies that can be used to identify these fake reviews:

– Check the review time and date, if they are all within a short period of time then it is likely that they are fake;

– Look for any patterns in the language and sentiment of the reviews;

– Check if there any other reviews on other websites with similar language or sentiment.

The fake Google Business Review is a fraudulent review that is posted on a business’s Google My Business Page.

Fake Google Business Reviews are not limited to just reviews for businesses, but it can also be reviews for other pages such as profiles, products and even websites.

In the past, people would leave reviews for products and services in a physical location. Nowadays, people are more likely to leave reviews for businesses on Google. This is because it is easier to search for a company on Google and leave a review than it is to search for that company in the real world.

Google business reviews have become an important part of any business’s online presence. They are also an important factor when consumers decide where they want to spend their money. Reviews can be left anonymously or with a real name attached to them. There are many fake reviews out there that have been written by people who don’t work at that particular company or who don’t know anything about the product or service they’re reviewing.

Check this Actual Case example on Google Support –

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