How to Handle Jerks in your Company!

If someone behaves like a jerk and has no skill and talent, just fire him.

If someone behaves like a jerk, but has great talent, justĀ  sit with him and discuss with him. If he has very great ideas, Just try to give him more responsibility by trying to work on a product through your R&D team . If his product wins, the company also wins. A CEO’s time is precious and should not be wasted on jerks with no talent and skill.

Jerks are everywhere. Every human is a jerk and Every Human is a good human. These characters are always existing in Humans. No human can be humble, polite and noble all the time. If your Employee shows himself as humble, polite and noble all the time, Just fire him, He is the first degree Jerk and Chamcha.

If an employee shows attitude and ego towards you , Just ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is his contributions towards the company.
  2. What is his contributions towards his subordinates
  3. What is his contributions towards the work that he does
  4. Who is branding him as a jerk (Is this the usual chamchas (ass kissers) who is always found around you (the CEO))
  5. Why is he branded as a jerk.
  6. What circumstances made him to be branded as a jerk.
  7. Even after being branded as a jerk, does he still contribute to the company, his job and his subordinates.

If the 7th Point is Yes, Just fire the chamchas (Ass kissers) and elevate the person who is branded as a jerk to a senior position

If Point 1 to 3 is Zero, Then even if he is not a jerk, he is useless for the company and its growth. Just fire him.

Be careful with Point 4 to 6 as there is a deep investigation needed in such cases.

There is a saying in tamil:

kannal kanbadhum poi.

kadhal ketpadhum poi.

Theera visarippadhe mei.

To see through the Eyes and decide is False
To hear through the Ears and Decide is False,
Complete investigation and Enquiry including self inquiry is what is Truth.

Do Enquiry
Do Self Enquiry
Then Decide .

This is what will make you a good leader and also will eliminate Chamchas and jerks.

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