How to make a girl unconcious??

Science Professor: “If a girl falls unconcious, give her mouth to mouth breathing, blow air into her lungs and keep on pressing her chest with both your palms in quick succession…”

Any questions..?

Students: “How to make a girl unconcious??”

No matter what you #teach#lecture#advice a person, its of no use, if they have already framed a mindset.

For a successful lecture:

The audience must not have already framed a mindset.

The duty of the lecturer is to first create an environment where the minds of the audience are cleared of any predetermined mindset.

When we enter a #shopping mall in India, there will be a big cooler in the entrance above the gate. This is not done for pleasing the #shoppers. It alters our mindset. We would be thinking several things when we enter a shop including our personal worries. This will have an impact on our shopping. A sudden blow of cold air in a hot climate immediately stills our mind and gives a pleasant environment.

The same should be done when one teaches/lectures. Before a lecture, make necessary attempts to change the mindset of the users. Align them to your thinking before you start your lecture. Do more work on this alignment than your actual presentation. Because as an expert your presentation will anyways be perfect. But with the audience having a mindset of their own, you can never deliver a perfect lecture/speech unless you alter them and align them to your thinking.

Shape the mindset first and make an impact.

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