We should not be kind, caring expecting that people should respect us in return. Kindness, caring and being responsible to the society should be a natural character .
Many Media glorified Saints show their kindness on photo ops.
Kindness should be unconditional. Kindness should be a human nature and should not be restrained to photo ops.
In general, If an agitation/people’s movement is popular, It is most propably made popular through a photo session showing dead people and influencing the public. This is called narrative building.  Laymen like us should not fall for such narrative building. 
Most videos of affected people sharing their concerns on videos , journalist crying on photos etc should not be taken at face value. We need to be careful on what to trust, whom to trust and how to trust.
Trust is a part of the “Hope” narrative building ( Read – and )

Can you be influenced Easily? Then you are a consumer who can be controlled by social programming.

Do you get influenced by hearing revolutionary songs easily?

Do you get influenced by whatever information sent out by media?

Do you get influenced by celebrities doing philanthrophy photo sessions?

Do you get influenced by millionares donating to charities and reading such news?

Then think again!

The first person that should influence you should be your parents. On all other narratives above, be careful and never get influenced.


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