Landing Page Optimization Tips – Adwords – Part 1

Landing page Optimization tips For Adwords:

The ads that you use on Adwords, Use it on landing page also. Conversion will be better. When a user sees what he saw while clicking the ad on the landing page , conversion chances can be better.

Have “Call for action” in atleast 3 areas on your landing page. One on Top Right, One on Middle left and one on Bottom right.

Always have FAQ section on your landing page. This FAQ can be Keyword optimized. The conversion chances are more in such pages.

Your aim is to convert your users & so avoid junk mind diverting content like “about us”, “About your ceo”. Noone cares about the CEO as long as you are running a financial/trading startup where users will be willing to know more about the founders.

If you are selling a SAAS product, Try having a video demo of your product. Try to have the time to 30 seconds Max.

Do not have a “Sign up” button on your landing page. Instead have a text box asking for the user to input their Email & then click the “signup button”. This way you can autosave the email of the users even if they exit.

Try personalizing the user who bounced after entering the email, the next time he visits. Instead of having a standard landing page for such users, Invite them to “Complete the signup”


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