Linkedin Vs the Real world

On Linkedin, everyone is a:
Regional chief leader,
Solution evangelist,
Project Manager,
Business Guru,
Team guiding spirit,
Pro-client idea creator,
passionate solution delivering leader,
Innovation head hunter,
Visioner of the potential,
Career enabler,
Talent exporter,
CEO of my own design studio (Jobless)
Crafting the awesome,
Business Guru,
Sales generating Machine,
Blockchain enthussiast,
Cryptocurrency evangelist,
Chief visionary,
Social entrepreneur,
Every business i started – Failed,
Life coach,
Top 1% of Linkedin profiles (according to myself)
AI Guru
Machine learning expert,
Robotics guru,




Do not promote yourself too much on virtual platform. This is a psychological disorder.  Talking good about yourself is always a false lie that your “mind” say to  your “Self” .

Our Mind always try to talk the best about us
Our Mind always want to eat the best.
Our Mind always want to enjoy the best.

But our mind always tries to ignore the Negatives about us.

Know about your negative. Be open to talk about your negatives to others.  Talking positive does not spread positivity. Being truthful to your”Self” is what spreads positivity.

By talking everything positive about you on linkedin and other social media platform is a disease. Be sure that you are not spreading disease.

When attending an interview, Talk about the negative and positive side of you. The recruiter is not the company. The HR is not the company. Do not be afraid of them. Always think that, just like you, the HR is also a human. On first chance, he will also shift job if he gets a better offer. So believe in you. Believe that The HR is not a company. Your duty is not to impress the HR
Your duty is not to impress the Boss

Your duty is to impress your”SELF”
Your duty is to do the best job as long as you work for the company.
Your duty is to be loyal towards your work (not the company as its a virtual entity) and be sure that you put the best efforts even when you are on notice period.
Your duty is to do the best job even while you are on an interview

Try to be the best, Try not to hide your worst


You will succeed!

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