Media streaming business in India – destined to fail?

Why internet business fail?

Reason is: Giving free introductory offer.

For example #dishtv now entered into the #free offer game.

People #pay for #amazon #prime not for its media streaming, but because media streaming comes as a value add along with the shipping and other services from Amazon.

#amazon is selling its membership services which comes with a series of benefits.

So the understanding is wrong. Dish TV India is not competing with Prime. It competes with maybe #netflix India which anyways go unnoticed in India.

Even experienced companies like Hotstar does not have the vision when it comes to selling VIP membership to users. The users do not get access to live tv like Vijay and all channels owned by star network except some free news channels.

Such is the case of understanding of the mindset of the users by these well funded companies.

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