Mind and the Universe

If its possible for the universe to exist, there is every possibility that the universe need not exist.

If it is true that every thing in this universe is created, then it is equally true that everything in this universe is not created.

If it is true that We exist, then it is equally true that we do not exist.

The reason being:

Everything around us is perceived by us. This perception is because of the fact that we have a body. Our understanding of everything around us is because of our understanding of everything on us… within us….

We try to understand things around us based on the body that we have.

Our mind perceive things only based on the senses. All truth is ascertained only based on our senses.

The universe is perceived through the senses.

Everything is perceived around us through the senses.

If the senses ceases to exist, the universe ceases to exist.

Hence what we perceive as universe is nothing but senses perceived by the mind.

If the mind disappears , the senses disappears, the universe disappears.

This happens every day in our deep sleep.

Hence if the universe exist, it is equally true that the universe does not exist.

The created, creator, and the creation might be an illusion of the mind which by itself might be the creator of everything through the senses.

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