How education changes your kid morally right

Mindfulness And Meditation Will Now Be Part Of The Curriculum In 370 Schools In England

Thats how teaching should be. Till a kid completes 10 years of age, the only education that must get is:

  1. Yoga
  2. Meditation
  3. Empathy
  4. Maths, Science
  5. Moral studies
  6. Creative – Music/arts/…
  7. Cleanliness, tree planting
  8. Importance of respecting other living beings and humans.
  9. Feeding of birds and animals must be made compulsory till the students reach the age of 10. Importance of empathy by avoiding meat and encouraging plant based diet should be stressed.
  10. Native history


The current mentality of Indian parent is:

Everyone sends to this school, i will also do the same.

Study well. Do not play.

Studies are important. Only then you will get job.

Their only Focus on kids: ” study well, only then you get a job.”

Indian’s prepare their kids only for a job.  Typical Indian family scenario is “A robot, marrying a robot that delivers kids raised as a “Robot”. The only purpose of this “Robot” is to get a job in a company and then continue the robotic tradition. An AI is already replacing this job of the robotic kid which also does not use any extra resources, does not complain etc.

Indians want to protect their existing way of life framed by the society which again is framed by 600 years of slavery which by default taught them to be safe than taking risks. I feel this as a result of education that is created to raise the kids as a submissive worker who is unwilling to take risks which makes him to become psychologically aggressive when he is faced with rejection via job loss, family issues etc. I believe only a revival in education will make them skillful and willing to take risks.

Get out of the Slave mindset. We are not slaves anymore.

Stop teaching “Tinkle tinkle little star” and other stupid rhymes to kids. Teach them to clean your house, plant a tree, help beggars by offering food.

Teach them moral science .

Native moral books in your country Must be taught to them. For India, the Native indian books are , Bhagavat gita, Thirukkural, Ramayana, Mahabarata etc.

Compulsorily put them into Art classes, carnatic classes etc.


Prepare your kids to grow as a responsible and creative adult. He will take of the rest. You are not a robot to prepare your kids for a job. Your duty is to understand that, “You are not a slave”, “Your only duty is to teach moral values and empathy to the kids”, “Your duty is to let the child grow in a creative manner”.


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