Planning your Growth Strategy

A successful growth strategy depends on a successful customer marketing strategy. In one of my previous experience in a #matchmaking compnay (, what I started as a link building idea buying 400 plus customer focused community based #matrimony domains for #SEO Purposes was converted into a meaningful business model ( by the founder of my Ex-company.

If your #growthStrategy is focussed on providing value to your customers and making their search better, you need not worry about all the hats. Anyone using #semrush for keyword research claims themselves to be a keyword researcher. Likewise anyone reading a book of “How to become a growth hacker in 30 days” calls themselves a growth hacker.

Growth Strategy for the #web is very complex. When you understand how to see through the complex #web, every thing will become crystal clear. 
The only tip for a successful growth strategy is to first understand the meaning of “Growth”. How you define your company  as growting, What are the metrics. I know of companies that hired 2000 plus employees and sees it with pride. But the entire company depends on Online customers.  In my understanding, their IT team need not be more than 20 people. This overstaffing actually kills the company’s growth.

So while understanding and trying to implement growth strategy, Try to find out the current “Pitfalls”. Removing your current hurdles automatically means you are starting to grow.

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