Purna Philosophy vs Shunya Philosophy

In advaita philosophy, there is no place for “shuna/Nothingness”
Thing point is, The universe by itself is vacuum, filled with tiny particles of matter
Earth and everything are a combination of particles.
If suddenly these particles vanishes, what will be left?
Buddhist philosophy – Nothing (Shunya/zero)
Advaita Philosophy – Brahman (Purna/Infinity)
But both Shunya and purna cannot be explained as there will be noone to explain/realize anything as everything is now vanished/disappeared.

In Short :

If something came out of nothing, Then there is nothing called as nothing
Note: Idea behind the Featured Image in this post:
The poem is about the two different paths available to us in life Purna (Abundance) and Shunya (Nothingness). Purna is about accepting what we have and being content with what we do, while Shunya is about letting go of all we pursue and embracing the unknown. The painting will capture the essence of these two paths, with a peaceful and inviting enviornment and a beautiful landscape, with a sky dotted with stars and a mix of blues, greens and vibrant colors. The painting will convey the feeling of contentment and peace that comes with accepting and living life in the moment.

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