Recommendation engines based on facts vs engines based on based on guessess

On Hubstaff , Coming across very very interesting products. Recently bounced on Gobot It solves a real pain point .

Live Support bots should not be taken ordinarily. For one of my ex company (Real estate), I worked with LivProp eService and created a Hybrid bot which helped the company in driving more sales through Bot + Human interaction.

When it comes to recommendation engines based on facts vs engines based on based on guessess, its always better to start from guesses and move towards fact if it is an ecommerce product.

A fact based recomemndation engine always require lots of customer inputs which will create Customer fatigue. Starting from Guessess and asking questions during a journey of the customer will not cost customer fatigue.

While asking “Yes” or “No” questions, always include “Unsure” in your Bot Journey. Because, A customer will always not have “yes” or “no” answers. Every customer is different. If a customer selects “Unsure/Dont know” answer, Include a form immediately in the next flow so that, we get customer info which can be answered by your customer care.

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