SEO Pitches Must not be One way.

SEO Pitches Must not be Oneway.

When it comes to SEO Strategy, Its important to “Do it Right”, but its more important to “Do it Wise”

Many companies offer pitches to their client which is always one way.

Usually they come up with junk PPT’s which talks about some data from SEM rush, Analytics etc

Any pitch must not be ONE WAY. It need not be SEO , Infact in the cloud world all pitches must be interactive 2 way.

The best way in my opinion is ignore pitches. Create a Google Doc and share it with your client.

Post all your thoughts in that doc.

Post all your ideas in that document.

Let the client post his inputs , comments. By this way, you make it interactive.

An interactive client will be a happy client. This will let him grow confidence in you.

Just junk PPT on what his bounce rate is, what his engagement rate is, Number of facebook likes , comments, shares etc will not be useful to him. Nobody likes a facebook like. Every businessman wants sales and ROI. Not likes from facebook and other social media.

I never give template audits. I neither give the clients engagement, evaluation etc which are already available in google analytics.

I just tell them in detail:

  1. What their competitors are dping
  2. What they are missing
  3. What they can do
  4. How they can do

To much technical details might confuse them. They would be getting enquiries from 100s of SEO with things you said above.

In short i share a google doc with my client discussing the above points. They are invited to comment too thus making the doc interactive and together we implement.

They are quite happy

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