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I offer 100% FREE WordPress website development, Free SEO/PPC for your business. I particularly have experience in promoting Doctors,  Lawyers, Legal Professionals, Chiropractors, Real estate professionals, Interior design/furnishing companies, E-com companies, Florists, Auditors and all small business owners.



Get your free wordpress website & Free SEO/PPC

My Services

i have around 17 years of experience in digital marketing handling seo/ppc for various companies

wordpress website development

I will design your website for free in wordpress. I will hear patiently about your business and work out a solution for your

Content Optimization

I will work out a content strategy for free. Content creation is not free as I do not do it. But will work with my contacts for your content.

On Page Optimization

i will create your page strategy after knowing about your business. Based on that strategy on page optimization will be done.

SEO Consulting

I come with 17 years of SEO Experience. I use a detailed strategy after knowing about your customers.

Data Analysis

I am not a data expert. But I know what a small business needs to grow. Once you grow, I will work with data professionals on behalf of you.

SEO Strategy

I will not do SEO for search engines. I will work to optimize your site for Search engines with a perfect customer focussed strategy that will also grow your Ogranic Reach.

What You Get?

  • A Well designed Website.
  • Honest Approach. Ask my clients to know more about me.
  • Detailed SEO Strategy and implementation.
  • Proper On page optimization.
  • Pages will be optimized for speed.
  • Detailed Service Pages.
  • Blog content creation*
  • Proper Schema Implementation

Get your free wordpress website & Free SEO/PPC

Satisfied Clients


Increased Traffic


Increased Revenue

About Me

I am Sarathy from India.

I have around 18 years of experience in digital marketing.

Handled millions of dollars of Google Ads budget

Handled SEO for millions of pages.

I also handle Strategy and Growth.

My ideas and SEO strategies have enabled company to get 1000% growth and also enabled companies to enter into a successful IPO


Lets Grow Your Business

Get your free wordpress website & Free SEO/PPC

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

The services that I offer are 100% Free. You need not doubt that. What I expect in return is your loyalty and reference. Technically nothing is free. I do hope that I will earn from your references.


Satisfied Clients


Increased Conversion

Google Ads PPC Strategy Marketing Tips

Answers to Your Questions

Are you an SEO expert?

I don’t know. I am not an SEO Expert. I hear about your business and work on it based on your customers.

Do you design Websites?

I am not a programmer nor a designer. Recently i started developing WordPress websites using Divi. I can create a good website for you for free using wordpress/Divi

Is hosting and Domain also free?

No! you got to pay for that. I wont control your domain/hosting. It will be on your control so that you can move out of my service anytime. I recommend Google domains for domain name bookings.

Are your services really free?

Yes. At the moment it is free. I do hope that I will get references through you.

Are there any restrictions?

I do not service for

  1. Meat/Food business
  2.  Porn/Sex/Gambling/Smoking/Alcohol business
  3. Religious/NGO/Charity business
  4. Silk Business/Business that involves Animal Cruelty

Our Latest Projects

The below are the list of sites that I developed. Note: The below clients paid me for my services. But I will do the same service to you for free on the hope that you refer me to your contacts who needs an online presence.

Austin Community Wellness

Austin Community wellness

  • The client had a 100% growth in traffic after i revamped their website.
  • Compressed Every Image for speed
  • Implemented Schema on every page
  • Optimized the pages for speed.
  • Added GEO tags to images wherever possible.
  • Created more than 15 services pages for each and every services offered by the client.


Designed & Developed the website in WordPress.

Implemented a proper homepage UX.

Optimized the inner shopping pages.

Created separate gateway pages for every product.

Business grew by 100%

Spring Florist Canada

SpringFlorist Canada

A Basic website designed and developed for a client in Canada.

The client is a Canada based florist.

Created the website in WordPress. Designed using Divi page builder.

Previously the client did not have a website. Now the traffic is steady and orders started to come through online.


I use strategy and do not rely on tools when it comes to SEO.

Though I am not a programmer/developer/designer/ I am able to create websites in WordPress. 

I will work wih you on every level of your small business journey.

Wether you are a doctor or a small business owner you can 100% rely on my services.

Sarathy Sadagopan

Freelance SEO/PPC Professional

SEO For small Business

My Blog

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