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Contact me for your SEO Services. Read the below, before contacting me. Currently I do not offer free services anymore. I charge 500$ to create your website with Full SEO.

Answers to Your Questions


Are you an SEO expert?

I am not an SEO expert. There are many experts out there. I have 20 years of experience in optimizing websites, devising strategies for SEO that went on to become a successful Business and became a Business model by itself. For example way back in 2006, I suggested Bharatmatrimony group to register community based matrimony domains for SEO purpose. I went ahead and booked all the 350 Plus domains for SEO purpose. This concept was launched as Communitymatrimony.com by the company.  The SEO concept was Programmatic where the content was dynamically generated based on the domain name.  It utilized seo via Exact match Domain very efficiently.

Do you design Websites?

I am not a programmer nor a designer. Recently i started developing WordPress websites using Divi. I can create a good website for you for free using wordpress/Divi

Is hosting and Domain also free?

No! you got to pay for that. I wont control your domain/hosting. It will be on your control so that you can move out of my service anytime. I recommend Google domains for domain name bookings.

Are your services really free?

No more free lunch

Are there any restrictions?

I do not service for

  1. Meat/Food business
  2.  Porn/Sex/Gambling/Smoking/Alcohol business
  3. Religious Business/NGO Business/Charity business/Philanthropy Business
  4. Silk Business/Business that involves Animal Cruelty

My Latest Projects

The below are the list of sites that I developed. Note: The below clients paid me for my services. But I will do the same service to you for free on the hope that you refer me to your contacts who needs an online presence.

  1. https://sjdentalcare.ca
  2. https://nationalroofingsupply.ca
  3. https://springflorist.ca
  4. https://battrx.com
  5. https://hyjain.com

I use strategy and do not rely on tools when it comes to SEO.

Though I am not a programmer/developer/designer/ I am able to create websites in WordPress.

I will work wih you on every level of your small business journey.

Wether you are a doctor or a small business owner you can 100% rely on my services.

My Blog

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Note, I no longer offer free services.