There is no need to pay for 3’rd party softwares like SEM Rush. I have seen many digital marketers , immediately after joining a company, the first thing that they ask for is to buy a “SEM RUSH” subscription.
SEO is not about buying SEM Rush.
There is no need to buy #semrush or any other tools.

If you join a company as a digital marketer, The first thing that you need to do is:
Know about the product of your company
Know about the business of your company
Know about the customers of your company.
Know about the competitors of your company.

In google use the site command with negatives. Example: site:<> -site:<> . This helps you to know about the presence of your website in thirdparty sites. Do the same for competitor domain name also.

Take a list of the activities of your competitors. Google is enough for this and no subscription is needed for this.

Analyse the google #keyword suggestion provided using tools like and #google keyword suggestion tool.

Start offering ideas on what can be done. Do not generate junk PPT using tools like #SEM rush.

Creative Ideas to present the core business to customers is what is needed for #SEO.

Do not make your company pay for softwares so that you can create a PPT out of it and make a junk presentation to them. Your presentation is of no use. Ideas is the key and execution is the most important process after you find your key.

A general PPT of all these digital marketers would revolve around Title tags, no H1 tags etc. These are all 90’s methods. Remember: Every SEO out there will be doing the same that you do.

Think differently.

Change your approach.

Change your methods.

Offer out of the box suggestions to your client.

Implement what is already implemented by your competitors. Show what your competitors are doing in the PPT. Copy it blindly and implement it. What your competitors have done must also be done by you. Else, You are missing a lot.

Try what is not tried by your competitors.


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