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Do not believe some SEO guru will come and get you first ranking.

It is like kids believing in Superman coming and saving them in case of troubles.

All SEO “gurus” are busy uploading “how to rank well” videos nowadays.

If someone can rank you well, then everyone of your competitor will hire that ‘someone’. What strategy will he now implement?

SEO is all about content and product strategy and how you position your content and product to the customers.

If you are a new company , do not link to any social media sites from your website. Your primary goal is to retain your customers on your site. Never pay heed to the “Gurus” suggestions and add social media links.
The more, customer stays on your site, better will be the conversion. This is the exact strategy that big companies follow. Facebook earns only because of the time spent by people (products) on its site.
Show all the junk social media links on an exit intent popup.

Always remember – Unless yours is a celebrity site/ Fanpage site /porn or blog with meaningful content, noone will like, share your business website.

Dont add junk javascript of these social media sites and give unnecessary promotion ro these sites.

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He’s a Guru… He’s a Rockstar…  No, It’s Dumb SEO trying to pitch himself as a Guru and doing things done by every other “guru” out there.


Things to Understand when you are doing SEO:

  1. SEO is not rocket science. Anyone can do it.
  2. Always understand that , clients approach you because they do not have time. Do not think that client is an idiot and so he has hired you.
  3. Understand that changing title tags and adding meta tags is not SEO.
  4. Understand the product of the client.
  5. Understand the customers of the client.
  6. Believe that the business that the client does is your business and think like a businessman and not like other “SEO gurus”
  7. Walk thru the site and business of the client like his customer. Only a customer of the client will have better view of his business than the client himself.
  8. Work on strategies that can better enhance the site.
  9. Work on Content that puts the product of the client before his customers. Do NOT write content for SEO.
  10. Social media is not SEO. Shares and likes just gives positive signals. Do not stress, social media immediately like other “Dumb gurus” to client.
  11. Do not project yourself as a social media wizard. You are not a social media wizard. This 6 year old kid is a guru ( and wizard than you. You are just someone who believes that you are a wizard and in truth you are not.
  12. When a client talks about SEO, do not immediately talk about social media just because its used by you and its easy to input those junk social media links.
  13. Behave like the client, Think like the client, Analyse his product like his customer, Implement like a loyal worker for the client.


I rarely used any tools for SEO except maybe google keyword suggestion tool and google’s related keywords that is suggested on search results. Just used the free SEMrush/keyword

I never followed any “gurus” advice. Though I follow many whom I see as an expert.

Tools are not SEO, Tools maybe aid SEO. But tools make you dependent and remember every other SEO is doing the same. It stops you from being creative.

Tools are good to use, bad to become addicted.

For landing page creation and if you do not have a big technical team I would suggest you to use Unicorn Platform ( . They are good.

Focus on Speed and performance.

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