SEO Tips for Photographers


If you are a photographer and want good Local SEO, Always Geotag your photographs with the location where you took the photos.

Do not remove these meta datas while compressing the photos to upload to your site. If while compressing, the data is removed, Ensure that you re-add these datas and upload.

Using tools like GeoSetter helps you to add GeoTags to your photos.

Make use of it.

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Tip 2:
Do not use CDN for your original Photography work. Your photos/hardwork should always be on your own domain and not on a CDN domain. If you insist on u sing CDN, then atleast be sure that you are u sing a  CDN Subdomain to host your photos.


Tip 3:
Do not spam with junk Location + Keyword content pages. These are useless. Come up with creative content ideas or try brainstorming with a content writer for this.





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