SEO Tips

All about SEO. Just follow the below, its enough for your success.

#SEO is all about giving useful content to the users in a structured manner.

  • Do not care about #algorithms, search engines etc. Just gather the prime #keywords for your site using #google keyword suggestion tool, and also watch “google related searches” found on the bottom of your search result page on google.
  • Serve content in a meaningful way
  • Segregate content in a structured way
  • Build #inks in a natural way
  • Copy all that the #competitors have done on their site in a strategical way
  • Visualize what can be differently done in your product in an intelligent way
  • Gather inputs from every employee of your organization
  • Analyze the inputs and visualization with members of your team.
  • Implement them in your product.
  • Repeat the above. Success will follow.

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