Teaching Good touch , Bad touch is not chiild care

Too much of good touch bad touch will affect your child physiologically and will curb them the willingness to socialize.

Don’t overdose anything

All these stupid kids educational apps only focus on this as if they have found something gold. This good touch, bad touch is now found everywhere.

The parents already know it.

  1. Teach them moral touch. They will take care of all the touches.
  2. Teach kid to be morally responsible and socially accountable for their actions right from their young age.
  3. Your kid is not unique. Only their positive contributions make them unique. So teach them moral touch. Don’t teach them “good touch , bad touch” alone. This will make them think that they are special and will refuse to socialize.
  4. Instead just make them feel comfortable to speak to them. If they have fears to speak to you and your parents, then they are not raised properly.
  5. Teach them values and ethics.

Teach them to socialize.

“good touch, bad touch” is important, but moral touch is more important.



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