The dirty Indian employee attitude

The dirty Indian Employee attitude.

I have seen many employees , Particularly the senior/experienced ones (We can call them “The outdated Brigade”). These employees will talk like only they are the backbone of the company. They will neither delegate their work, nor will do a proper knowledge transfer of their work to their subordinates.

These subordinates are the “Future seniors” who will just praise their boss for whatever they do. These “future brigades” too would be relying on their boss and be the “one page” managers for the last 4 to 6 years and the boss will be super seniors for the past 10  years.

Indian employees must understand, There is no use in hiding things that you are doing from the management.

 Once automation process takes place, everyone will know that you are doing no work or they will understand that the “work” that you are doing will simply by done a bot in less than 1 percent of your time and 1$ of your salary as cost.

Instead, try to be transparent.

Try to implement new process that can automate things that you do.

This will create a trust on you with the management.

By doing so, you can enter into the leadership role.

Do not believe that , by hiding what you do, your job will be retained. Instead, your job will be made redundant because of automation.

Always understand that,

You are not unique. No-one is unique. The positive actions that one contributes to his society/environment/company is what makes him unique.

Be open and honest. Even when you leave the company, make sure that the work that you do can be continued even without you being there. This is what is honesty towards work. The salary that you get from the company is also for your loyalty towards the work.


Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass,

Life is not about learning how to dance in the rain.

Its about pissing when you get the chance in the rain as nobody will notice.


Stop dancing and wasting time, Make use of opportunity .

Be transparent and let your subordinates know the work that you are doing. Do not hide as if you are making the company rely on you so that you cant be terminated.  Because, sooner or later majority of the work can be automated. Instead of hiding things for retaining your job, innovate the work that you are doing. Instead of the management putting efforts on automation, You yourself take the lead and find out venues on automating your work. This will make you a leader in the company.

Being a lead to your subordinates and hiding your work from the management is not a leadership quality.

Trying to take the lead in innovation even at the cost of your job is what innovation is.

Innovate for your work, Be loyal to your work., But never be loyal to your company.

Innovate and lead. Groom your subordinates to be a natural leader so that your legacy continues even after you leave the company.

Your salary is also for your loyalty towards your work.


Tips for the company

A company also should frame its Process and policies  keeping two things in mind. How it is going to affect employees eho are with us from the beginning and how itnis going to affect the other employees. Employees who are with the company from the beginning and remains updated in their skills should generally be made leaders rather than hiring a leader from outside. Such employees must also understand that “a duty of a leader is not to manage and report to the boss”. His duty is to groom and create more leaders from his subordinates so that his legacy continues even if he leaves the job



Difference between Morality and a Moron

Even if you are fired from your company, Be loyal towards your work, Finish it and get out!  – This is morality

Even if you are fired from your company, delete the files that your subordinates will be dependent on and get out  – This is a moron

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