The Grand Illusion

Atheism – There is no creator
Advaita – There is no creator, creation and the created
Buddhism -There is no creator, creation and the created
Advaita (Purna philosophy) – There is no creator, creation and the created, nothing exists except the brahman from which the Maya – the illusion of creation, created and the creator appear to arise.
Buddhism(shunya philosophy)- There is no creator, creation and the created, nothing exists and the illusion of creation, created and the creator arise out of nothing


In short

The universe is not for humans alone No animal is created for humans by the creator as there is nothing called as the creator and the created in this grand illusion called as life

Philosophical arguments are awesome. They lead to ideas. Real intellectual arguments happened in the ancient world.

Right from Socrates , everyone were adhering to philosophy. When a man adheres to philosophy , humans become civilized.

Religion is different from philosophy.

Religion puts an end to arguments. They conclude automatically that God is final answer and all are answerable before god.

Philosophy opens up the arguments and questions everything. They do not end in god, the start from god for some philosophy and they also question the very existence of everything as there is a possibility that if everything can exist, there is also a possibility that everything need not exist.
Existence is defined because of the body that we drive. All life forms try to exist with the body that they get. They fight back, they procreate, they try their level best to pass on their parampara (Generation).

Even bacteria tries to fight back and become resistant to antibiotics and become a super bug. This teaches us the moral, when you fight back, you become tough and you become a super human.  Following ahimsa will put an end to your generation and your life. If a bacteria did not fight back and develop resistance and remained as an Ahimsavadi, it would be eradicated by even normal antibiotics.

If you have to win, dont be idle, dont follow ahimsa, fight back.  Fight back in a positive way. Fight back in such a way that your life becomes an example to all those who are affected. Try to be an example.

The universe is one grand illusion. Everything appears to exist at one moment, everything disappears in another moment (Deep sleep state). If something is permanent, it has to be permanent  in all 3 states (The deep sleep state, the dream sleep state and the waking state).   But the universe appears to exist only when we are awake. When we are asleep and move to deep sleep state , everything disappears. All existence are told, realised by us only when we come out of the deep sleep state. This proves that all existence is real only when we are awake.

This teaches us that, Nothing is real and nothing is permanent. In this unreal world, we are affected by various trouble and negative energies. The only way to fight back is update us, understand that what happens to us is predecided. The only way to overcome this is to be silent, fight back with positive thoughts. I was affected by my very own relatives and cheated with a huge sum of money. I abused verbally through whatsapp audio, messages etc. Nothing worked. I was not able to get back my money and at the same time my health detoriated.

This is when I realised that its no use, Those who cheat will come up with innovative ways to give a reason to escape from Liability. Ignore them. Understand that you are cheated and move on…

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