The unique Lies

Its funny seeing HR’s/Founders asking “what makes you unique” in most of the #linkedin #remote #digitalmarketing & #SEO jobs that I apply. The question should be “what makes you unique for this job” instead.

Do not believe the words
“We are unique”,
“Every human is unique”,
“Every individual has a unique talent”

These are utter lies.

Noone is unique. The contributions that one makes , irrespective of wether it is positive or negative, holy or evil, these contributions alone decides if a perso is unique or not.

We are not unique. We are not special. We are just a small being in this big universe that takes the world for granted and enjoy.

Even a bird is unique as it plants millions of trees via its shit contributing to the environment. We do quite the contrary and are the major contributors to deforestation. This is also unique which no species does.

As a species, We are unique in:

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