I am this and This is mines

What kindles the protective mechanism of all the species in thia world?

If life is to enjoy as materialism preaches, no species will try to care and protect their offspring risking their lives.

There must something deeper in life and living which may be known to the subconscious mind of all the species in thia world.

” I am this” , “this is/(should be) mines” are the 2 main thoughts that creates everything around us including this universe. In fact , it might be true as per “Saint Ramana’s” teachings that, it is us who creates this universe rather than an external creator overseeing and creating everything.  Because everything disappears when we are devoid of thoughts (ie., in deep sleep, all the individuality the universe, relatives, money and our own body disappears.)

Again the pleasures and pains, births and deaths, are like undulations on the
surface of seeming water in the mirage of the ego. The only reality is
the Self from where the ego appears, and runs through thoughts which
manifest themselves as the universe and in which the mothers and

Source: Talks with Sri Ramana Maharishi


So , it might be true that every species at a subconscious level understands the attachment that it has with its body and the possessions that it considers as its own. This might be the reason for the protective mechanism found in all living beings in this universe. The need to protect its offspring is a natural process that arise of the core thought “I am the Body” , “this is/should be mines”. I and mines are the basic selfish thoughts that keeps this world running.






It is this same reason that a Bacteria learns to fight (develops resistence) to antibiotics and becomes a super bug.

Because, Everyone wants to live, Everyone fights to somehow live.

Every living being knows to evolve to live.

Below Video, Mother protects its egg without fearing the big vehicle passing above


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