This too Will Pass! – Part 2

There is a saying, Don’t be a slave to your emotions , Control them. Just read this on one of #oleg post.  I have great respect to Oleg Vishnepolsky as he helps job seekers.

I have a different opinion on this.

Controlling your emotions will be harmful too as it can burst anytime.

Instead just blend with the situations and understand that “nothing lasts forever”.

There is an old Indian proverb “This too will pass”. Just repeat that when you are in stress, emotions, or excitement.

This will let you understand that “nothing will remain forever” and will pass away.

Once you understand this uncertainty , calmness will prevail in all kinds of situations which means we have ruled our emotions.

The universe is filled with uncertainty. My mother was extremely well with a slight cold because of which we took her to a hospital after watching her favorite serial. Suddenly she developed sepsis shock in a hospital and passed away.

I have been cheated by one of my close relative to the tune of 1 lakh dollars and also with no support from their family and no moral claim on their behavior, I was under stress. I am still under stress. I abused them on mobile, whatsapp audio and many other sources. But nothing helped me in getting my money. I was under emotional stress due to my dad’s chronic health issue, My eye problems and my family problems due to me not having a regular job. But I am beginning to realize that nothing is going to help when the person who has decided to cheat you is firm on his decision. You can do nothing on this.  Now whenever I am under stress,  I am also repeating the words “this too will pass” as much as I can.

What is ours now is not ours tomorrow. This is the only 100% truth in this life.

So when you are suffering from office politics,

When you are having a panic attack because you are asked to perform on stage,

When you are doing something new and are unable to concentrate because of the negative results,

Just say within yourself “This too will pass”


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