Free Strategy – for a Cloud Kitchen Startup!

If someone in my network is thinking of a food/cloud kitchen startup, Do not hire Popular chefs. They are already popular and they do it for money.
Pay a visit to the nearest oldage, Hire the elderly women there who are still fit and can give advice/ participate in cooking.

From last I heard, Everyone still loves food cooked by mother, cooked by wife or in short home cooked food. Reason being, They cook with love.
These elderly women will cook it with love.

This will also be helpful in diverting their sorrows and worries on a productive work. Since they are given the attention they want, they will do their work with love. They will think of your customers as their children and cook/counsel with love.

Just do it is old, Just do it with passion teaming up with the older citizens.

They have years of experience, interaction with many and have cooked variety of tasty foods all their life. They are the best chefs that one can every find. They are very different from corporate chefs following standardized procedures.

They do it with love.

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