Using Google Spam Folders for Your Local SEO Keyword Research

Scrape your way to success:
Google Stacking is one of the spamming tactics used by spammers to get their links and content ranked in organic Google search. By spamming all the Google properties like google drive, google calendar stacks, google sheets, google drawing, google spreadsheet, google docs, google slides with junk and meaningless content, spammers hope to beat out legitimate competitors. One way to avoid this from happening is to make sure that you have a social media presence and are using it regularly.
The Spammers call this as “Google Stacking” in all their #gigs. Its a method of spamming all the Google properties like (calendar, sheets, docs, maps) etc with junk and meaningless content.
As an #SEO you can now make use of these junk spam content using these operators for your initial #keyword research.Use this command on
google <Your prime keyword>
google  <Your prime keyword>Example:
google  Electrician

You will get a list of all the spam created by agencies for electricians in this field.
You will also see a google sheet with all the target keywords already researched and uploaded.
You can copy it and use the keyword list as an initial list for your business.

Schema Scraper:

Most of these spam docs promoting a site will have extensive schema built by real schema professionals. Just visit these sites, View the source code and you can scrape the schemas used by theese sites (ignore the sites using rankmath/yoast schema. Check for human created schemas which are 400 Plus lines). I created a schema for only using this method without knowing anything about #schema/#technicalSEO

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