Volunteer at your home

I see many youngsters do volunteer service for highlighting in their resume. Its like billionaires vouching their wealth for charity organization and almost always these charities will again will be owned by them.

Always start volunteering at your home. Care and show love to the parents and elders at your home first. This is the best volunteering that can be done before moving out of your house for the so called¬†#charity¬†“volunteering”.

If all the money donated to charities had really been spent on helping those in poverty, there will not be any poverty left in this world. If poverty is eradicated, these charities will go out of business. So it will never happen. The poverty ridden people are products for them that drives business.

Charity should start from home. Do it to the neighborhood unlucky person suffering in poverty that you personally know. It will surely change his life and his family will bless you forever.

Do not donate to charities. Rather donate to those around you.

Volunteer help to your mother and father. Give care to your grandparents. That will add value to your life than the value that it adds to your resume.



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