What an HR Lacks?

Applied for a remote digital marketing vacancy with a CV building services provider.
I love the CV built by Novorésumé & i used the CV built by novoresume which is a competitor to the company that I applied to. Their main competitors for this company are Novorésumé & LiveCareer

The reason , I applied is , i see an opportunity that i myself try to develop , but lack resource which these companies have.

I was not selected which is perfectly fine. Maybe i might not have suited their expectations.

But they sent me a 100% percent off coupon code as a good gesture. I replied back saying, I rejected it & I am happy with my existing CV builder.

The point is , there is no need to try to convert people who are rejected by giving 100% off trial. Such trials never work.
Instead be open and send reasons for rejection. Thats what a candidate expects.

These guerilla marketing techniques are useless & will never convert.

Candidates looking for jobs does not need offer codes. But a better reason on rejections which might help them to correct themselves in future applications

A CV building company does not understand their business model & trying to convert their rejected candidates tell how bad the HR field is & how outdated the HR industry is.

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