Smartphones? – Beware!

My thoughts on a linkedin news story:

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Forget about what iphones do at night, Always watch what your kids do at night with the smart phones. It affects their #eyes, makes them unable to #socialize, make them crave for fake likes and shares of their stupid posts, makes them to always expect something from the virtual world like likes, shares. This makes them cruel and stops them from sharing and doing good thinks to the real world. This is the reason why many monsters take selfie standing beside an injured man.

Too much social media makes your kids evil. Restrict their access by talking with them and telling them the dangers. Do not snatch the phone, because this will make them to use these phones without your knowledge.

Talk with them and instruct them about the dangers of using smart phones and social media.

Be transparent and always keep the phone in front of them. Tell them that, You have done your duty as a father/mother, Its up to them to use it or not to use it. This will make them responsible and will make them to think about it.

Be open, transparent and restrict them access to these stupid #virtual world in a friendly way!

Happy parenting.

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