What is What or What is not

Knowing What is what is not Important

Knowing What is not is most important

—-From a hindu saint – Sri Sivan Sir (Younger Brother of Kanchi periyava)—–

This is one of the most powerful statement I have ever heard in the recent times. Everyone of us wants to know “What is what”, we want our children to know of the things in this world, we want them to know of “what is what”.

Never would we have realised that, if every child is taught “what is not” right”What is not” just

“what is not” moral”what is not” good

“What is not” pride

“What is not” greed

“What is not” just

All that they would do would be right, just, moral, good, humble, polite and just.

As we all know, reality is relative. Its relative to the body. If body (Matter) ceases to exist, reality will cease to exist. Hence reality is a perception created by the mind with respect to the body that it drives (Controls). In deep sleep, this reality ceases to exist as the mind will disappear and hence we and the entire universe disappears.

A kids mind and their reality will be different because of this. Their world is a world which will be filled with innocence. So instead of teaching them “what is what”, lets teach our kids “what is not”.

Teach the kid “what is not right” and let them learn “what is right” in a natural way.

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