Where is the gratitude?

Before #Uber:

Customer attitude – Customers begged autowala to reduce rates and autowala would curse them with bad words and still they would beg.

After #Uber:

Customer attitude towards the poor drivers:

Curse the drivers when they are little bit late.

Car very smelly , negative rate the drivers.

Car AC not working well, negative rate the drivers.

When they can walk 10 metres , they wont and will command the drivers to ride 1 extra km to pick them up. Seen this in many cases on youths . Drivers will request on one way routes if they can just come to the end of the street so that he can avoid 1 km extra ride. In case of elderly/disabled or people with heavy luggage, the demanding to pickup request is ok. But on other cases, customers must consider the pains of the drivers. This happens not just on individual cabs, but also on ride share. I felt sorry for the drivers and always try to give them tips on every ride (I generally share what i get as discount from uber with the drivers).


  1. When there are no options, people do not complain and are even able to take bad mouthing.
  2. When there are options, the immediate attitude will not be #gratitude, but complain.
  3. Be #grateful of choices and stop complaining.

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