Who is a leader

A leader is one who:

  • Knows what he does
  • Knows how he does
  • Understands Why he does
  • Identify those with skills to do what he does
  • Train them to do it right
  • Delegate them the responsibilities.
  • Takes ownership of the action of his subordinates.
  • Gives proper credit.

Repeats from 1

A Leader does not do things on his own. A leader is the one who knows what to do and is the one who identifies who can do it. A leader is the one who identifies and grooms future leaders by training and delegating responsibilities.

A boss is someone:
Who hires subordinates who can do what he wants them to do. He rarely delegates. He rarely gives credit. He passes on the responsibilities , but keeps the credit and pass the blame if anything fails.

A leader is always surrounded by talented subordinates. A boss is always surrounded by useless chamchas.
A leader fires chamchas, A boss hires chamchas.
Just like bugs are attracted towards light, Talented people are naturally attracted towards leaders. Chamchas hates leaders.

Are you a chamcha or talented worker?
If you see yourself praising your boss instead of working most of the time, then you are a chamcha
If you standup when your boss comes before you, you are a chamcha. A leader will not expect his subordinates to standup when he come.

A boss is different to that of a leader.  Sometimes a boss also sees gender and gives preference based on gender out of his subordinates. A leader only sees talent. A boss scouts for a profile pic on linkedin while hiring. A leader sees the talent of the profile on linkedin. The preference given by a Boss will be more if the female profile had a profile pic on linkedin. The preference given by a leader will be more if the profile had more recommendations and endorsements.


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