Why Amazon failed in China?

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What is the thing that makes #amazon and many other foreign companies succeed in a democratic country like India as opposed to a dictatorship country like #china where most oreign competitors fail , but the locals like alibaba.com succeed?

Is it the patriotic government that wants its own native to succeed?


The local businessmen are more aware of their country’s native culture and are better able to position than its competitors?


Is it the lack of reach of the english language in these countries as opposed to better english language reach in countries like India which gives an advantage to english speaking competitors like Amazon to better brand and position themselves in countries like #India?


The chinese citizens are more loyal to their fellow countrymen as opposed to foreign companies like Amazon . If loyalty towards their fellow countrymen is the reason , What would be the work loyalty of the chinese citizens working in Amazon China? Is the lack of loyalty by Amazon’s very own employees – The reason for its failure?


Amazon’s chinese goto market strategy was devised by the english counterparts who have no clue about the chinese market or the strategy was devised by the chinese citizens who are more loyal to their own countrymen’s brand like @Alibaba.com than the company they work for?

Success in china is surely a puzzle written in chinese that is hard to understand by non chinese.

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