Why Indians Suck in Patent registrations?

Why Indians Lack in Patent registrations?


The reason : Slavery Mindset which leads to Lack of creativity

Never teach about the invaders to the kids.

Never teach about how great the invaders who enslaved us were to the kids.

Teach them how great our kings were who defended them

Teach them how great our martyrs were who sacrificed their own lives fighting and defending the barbarian invaders.

Only that will relieve them of slavery mindset.

Only then inventions will happen again in India.

Relieve kids from slave mindset.


Source: https://www.ranker.com/list/how-pearl-harbor-is-taught-in-japan/kellen-perry?page=2

From Japanese Reddit user Centricflow: “The attack on Pearl Harbor was taught less than a paragraph (from the textbook in 2002). Just stating the event, when, where, and why briefly. And then they had the black and white picture of U.S.S. Arizona surrounded in black smoke, tilted sideways, and sinking in the ocean.”


Learn from the Japanese on how to live with pride.

Our history book contains  maybe half a paragraph of our Indian kings and queens. But almost all the pages are covered with how great the invaders are, how they enslaved us, How polite and humble we behaved as a slave

Learn From Japan,

Only then we can grow like Japan

Dont implant slavery in the minds of young Indian kids. 

Let the Indian kids can become inventors.




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