Will Indian E-com industry survive?

My thoughts on the this featured story:

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ETAIL destained to fail in india?


Small fishes are down which might be soon followed by big fishes like Amazon India, Flipkart

The major problem with all these etailers are lack of innovation.
They might be successful in America because of being able to force shutdown mom and pop stores .
In America the driving distance is huge because of which people tend to store groceries.

In India, people always like to go to the local #kirana stores which will be present in almost every street in India.

Even fashion e-tailers can never succeed as Indians always tend to look for offers and they are used to look for offers. If offers are not there, they are ok with going out to malls to shop where it serves two purpose for them, one they can go out with family to time pass and 2 , make a purchase.

GlowRoad.com business model is good, but their approach is very bad along with a very bad execution.
This only proves that, innovation is bad in India and Every Indian company badly needs to spend on R&D and set up a separate R&D team.
As far as #Wooplr is concerned, I have never heard of them.

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One of the comment on this post on linkedin from a friend of mines was:

They have already created a market, could take a little longer than predicted to breakeven. But they are here to stay. Lifestyle is changing here and online shopping is no more a luxury. People know where to buy what, So they will buy from Kirana stores and also online.

For which My reply was:

Thanks for your reply.
I highly doubt that they are here to stay. If you see, E-com in India is not new. Its almost as old as amazon.com starting with Fabmart.com
The surviving ones are mostly global companies or companies taken over by global giants.

Kirana stores or not is the choice of the people. But the cost of acquisition of a customer for these companies is huge and Kirana stores do not have that. The customer will never be loyal and will jump to another site once the offer is over. So the survival of E-com in India considering the nearby kirana stores that we can just go down and buy is more easier when the offer showers get over.


Lets wait and see in the next 10 years!

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