Your Child Is not Unique

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If you believe that every child is born unique , then you are wrong.

The universe for sure prints certain skills into every species. But all these skills are related to:

Procreation- (Inborn procreation skills). For example: immediately after hatching, male wasp starts impregnating the female unhatched/unborn wasps (Video source below).

Defensive – Every species are born defensive skills to protect them from dangers. For example : even one cell bacterias are able to defend antibiotics created by highly brained scientists. These bacterias are able to develop resistance to antibiotics and become antibiotic resistant.


But if you believe that every child is unique and give them complete freedom, You must understand these things:

  1. No one is born unique. The positive contributions that a person gives to this society is what makes him Unique. Understand that first.
  2. Freedom is restrictive. Do not give complete freedom to children at home. Once they start to grow and blend into the society, they expect the same freedom , but the society by default has a restriction. This will make them rebel and go into destructive ways.
  3. Understand that your child is not unique. Teach them moral science. Knowing this, Our ancestors gave more importance to moral education. Teach children moral education and force them to read these books. Example for Indians – Tirukkural, Aathichoodi etc. Every country will have such moral sciences.
  4. Make them understand that they are not unique. Give them the freedom to explore under guidance. Give them a path/platform where you as a parent will be the role model and enable them to learn values. Teach them the importance of being with grand parents. Always make them live with their grand parents. This will teach them family values.
  5. Compulsorily put them in an Art or Music class. This will teach them to think creatively. Take them to ancient temples and show them the stone carvings. This will make them investigate the scriptures and groom their creativity.
  6. Do not expose them to Indian movies till they are 9 years of age. Movies fine tune your child’s brain. These movies always have heroes trying to save someone, or a failed jobless hero trying to impress a girl etc. They are raised with a mindset that someone will come and free them and give them proper revolutionary leadership. Movies (Even with “U” certificates) are not suitable for children with huge skin show and glorifying love. Your children watching movies grow with a mind that only love towards a girl is their lifetime ambition. (not the real world of loving the parents, world, trees, animals etc).
  7. Train the children to compulsorily plant a tree. Tell them that this is the real life love. Ask them to feed birds (not in cages). On their birthday, buy them a caged bird and let the bird free in front of their eyes. Let them see the birds flying . This will make them understand “What real freedom is”
  8. Do not ask your child to grow wings so that they can reach the sky. Ask them to build a ladder so that they can understand that success is a step by step process.
  9. Do not donate to online charities that ask for money putting a picture of a poor innocent child. Instead donate to those around you in front of your child. This will make them learn that helping others is what life is all about. Do not give money to beggers, instead buy them food and make it give through the little hands of your child. They will learn how bad is hunger and also will get the blessings of the person receiving the food/help. Understand that online charities stop you from helping to those in need of money around you. They deprive you of your helping capability by getting the money from you.

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