“Zeus’ Wisdom on SEO Strategies: Gain a Competitive Edge!”

Yay, to SEO strategies that help us stay,
At the top of SERPs, night and day.

Nay, to exact match domains and keyword stuffing,
These tricks are out of date, and no longer bluffing.

Yay, to posting content when no one else is,
This could give us a competitive edge, you cannot dismiss.

Nay, to thin content, with thousands and thousands of words,
This only confuses readers, in a sea of turds.

Yay, to users critiquing our sites,
This could help us rank higher, despite the might.

Nay, to linkbuilding through emails and blasts,
These are tired tactics that do not last.

Yay, to linkbait that has been successful,
This could help us attract attention, and be more successful.

Nay, to letting content get stale,
This could make us lower on the SERP scale.

Yay, to refreshing content with new and improved information,
This could help us rank better, with no hesitation.

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